Gifts for Dog Lovers

It is obvious that Anita has a special affection for dogs. You will see how they are all doing all doggy things in this selection of images of dogs by Anita Jeram. The expressions are charming too.

images of dogs by Anita Jeram

We have found that cards with dogs make good man cards which is really useful because it is often difficult to find a good card or gift for a man.  A good example is “Laid Back Kinda Guy” which can perhaps be given with a box of chocolates!.

laid back kinda guy - gifts for dog lovers

Another favourite for a man is Peace and Quiet

Peace and Quiet - card for dog lover by Anita Jeram
M201 Peace and Quiet

Boys will be Boys is a gift for bad boys. There is also a matching card

Boys will be boys gifts for dog lovers
Boys will be Boys by Anita Jeram for Two Bad Mice

Over the years we have amassed a good selection of dog cards and ceramics.

So if you are looking for a gift of a dog lover you need to look no further.

Came to Two Bad Mice to see a fuller selection of gifts for Dog Lovers

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  1. My mother bought one of your mugs sometime this year with dogs all around the mug in different scenarios. (in the kennel, up a tree, etc.etc. I have tried to find a replacement but cannot find it any where as she dropped it! Can you help please?

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