Bill’s Belly Button (1991)

It Was Jake (1991)

The Most Obedient Dog in the World (1993)

All Pigs are Beautiful (by Dick King-Smith 1993)

My Hen is Dancing (by Karen Wallace 1993)

I Love Guinea Pigs (by Dick King-Smith 1994)

Guess How Much I Love You (by Sam McBratney 1994)

Contrary Mary (1995)

Daisy Dare (1995)

Puppy Love (by Dick King-Smith 1997)

Animal Friends ( by Dick King-Smith 1997)

Birthday Happy Contrary Mary (1998)

Bunny, My Honey (1999)

All Together Now (1999)

In Every Tiny Grain of Sand (contributed illustrations 2000)

Kiss Goodnight, Sam (by Amy Hest 2001)

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam ( by Amy Hest 2001)

I Love My Little Storybook (2002)

You Can Do It, Sam (by Amy Hest 2003)

You’re All My Favourites (by Sam McBratney 2004)

The Little Nutbrown Hare stories (by Sam McBratney 2007)

Little Chick (2009 by Amy Hest)

‘Skip to the Loo, My Darling’ (by Sally Lloyd-Jones, 2016)