Entertaining the Kids
Bill's Belly Button (1991)
It Was Jake (1991)
The Most Obedient Dog in the World (1993)
All Pigs are Beautiful (1993)
written by Dick King-Smith
My Hen is Dancing (1993)
written by Karen Wallace
I Love Guinea Pigs (1994)
written by Dick King-Smith
Guess How Much I Love You (1994)
written by Sam McBratney
Contrary Mary (1995)
Daisy Dare (1995)
Puppy Love (1997)
written by Dick King-Smith
Animal Friends (1997)
written by Dick King-Smith
Birthday Happy Contrary Mary (1998)
Bunny, My Honey (1999)
All Together Now (1999)
In Every Tiny Grain of Sand (2000)
a collection by Reeve Lindbergh, co-illustrated by Christine Davenier, Bob Graham, Elisa Kleven
Kiss Goodnight, Sam (2001)
written by Amy Hest
Don't You Feel Well, Sam (2001)
written by Amy Hest
I Love My Little Storybook (2002)
You Can Do It, Sam (2003)
written by Amy Hest
You're All My Favourites (2004)
written by Sam McBratney
Big Wide World
Blowing in the Wind
All of these titles were published in the UK by Walker Books Ltd, and in the USA mostly by Candlewick Press. There are many foreign language and other co-editions available world-wide.

Unless otherwise stated, these books were written and illustrated by Anita.

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